Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Already crying

So, today marks one week until Michael returns.  I know, I know, I'm so trunky!  But, that's just the way it is. Sorry folks! I need to write in order to get control of my feelings...plus it just makes me feel better.  So, this morning I was driving down the road thinking about Michael's last letter home and it made me reflect on his sweet companion who is from a small island in Tonga.  And the reality of all the Michael has probably been thru over the past 2 years really hit me.  I honestly don't know what to expect when he walks off that plane but I do expect to see a very different young man than the one that left 2 years ago.  Thinking about all of this made the tears come to my eyes and they didn't want to stop but I took a deep breath and whipped them away and thought about something else. From the time Michael was a little boy and knew what a mission was he has wanted to go.  He prepared so well and kept it in the back of his mind always thru every choice that he made.  It has been such a joy to know that he has felt the blessings that he so looked forward to all those years.  That he was not disappointed and that he has been such a great example to his younger brothers.  The boys are starting to remind me each day and each minute just how long until Michael is home again and that just makes me even more teary eyed.  And on our way home from the doctor today Stephen and I stopped for lunch and while we were there it happened again as Stephen just mentioned again how Michael will be here this time next week.  So, if I am already crying, what is it gonna be like when I actually see him walk off that plane?  Well, maybe by then I will be all cried out and I wont need to cry anymore?  Maybe?  Well......we'll see.

However, I just want to soak in all of the blessings and love and tenderness from the Lord that we have received over the last 2 years.  This has truly been a time to remember.  Part of me really doesn't want it to end.  I can feel that special spirit of having a missionary start to fade and I will miss it so much!  I am so very grateful that I have to more to go....how can anyone ever tire of the great blessing of having a missionary serving the Lord?  Well, let's see how long til I cry again...it's going to be a long tear-filled 6 days! 

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  1. Lisa, enjoy every moment of this next few days, Being the mother of the Missionary is the best part, and Mom's have the given right to cry whenever they want too and can get away with it! So cry away!