Thursday, September 27, 2012

Missing Home

     Today I am missing being home!  Cooking, cleaning, and just enjoying my home, being a home maker and a Mom!  I have been working full time for 10 1/2 months now and dont get me wrong, I mean, I love my job!  I work for great people in a very friendly doctors office.  I love all of our patients and they seem to like me too:)  I mean what's there not to like about that?  However, maybe it's just the time of year it is once again.  I want to be home baking, cooking and cleaning.  Truly, I miss it!  I miss being home when the kids leave for school and just taking my time to look around the house to see what needs to be done.  I miss sitting in my spotless kitchen all newly cleaned and shiny.  Then going shopping for whatever I might need that day. Coming home and eating lunch in front of the TV.  I miss baking cookies right before the kids get home from school!  I miss looking for a new recipe to try and just the smell of home baked goods from my own hands.  I mss being a stay at home Mom! 

     I am thankful for all the years I did get to be a stay at home Mom.  Although looking back now, there are many things I have come to appreciate and wished I had done with my time.  But most importantly is that I was there at all the cross roads with my kids. I guess that is all that really matters. But, now I want to be home to do all of those motherly domestic things that I stressed over all those years.  I just miss home.

"Still Missing being a Stay at Home Mom"


  1. I miss home a lot..I miss baking and shopping (fun shopping) and going to lunch with my kids or friends..I love my job but I love my job at home more :)..

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