Monday, January 14, 2013

Seeing thru their eyes

     I am definately going thru a new season in my life.  Things are changing all around me.  It is as though I am going thru another dimension of life these days as I watch my oldest child experience the struggles of adulthood.  Mission life is great spiritual preparation and a place to create a solid foundation in the gospel.  And then there is temporal preparation.  That is another story.  I think that is why the spiritual foundation is so important.  Because it is what keeps you going when nothing temporal makes sense.  Which happens a lot.  We are mere mortals living in this big wide world.  There HAS to be something more than what we appear to be physically.  Thank heavens there is! 

     As I watch my kids go thru grown up things it is the most insecure feeling for me know that they must figure things out for themselves.  I have faith in them and I believe that they will.  However, I know that it sometimes takes a lot of mistakes and falling down before we can get on our feet and stay on our feet.  This is a truth and a reality. 

     Seeing life thru their eyes is much scarier than it was seeing it thru my own. At the same time it takes me back to that time when I was going thru the same things and I want to kick myself for being so selfish and for putting so much pressure on My Man to do it all.  He truly was a blessing to me as I remember how he dealt with this immature selfish wife.  Watching my kids go thru their growing pains sure makes me wish I could do it all over again....better!  And makes me wish I could take away all the hard times so that they can just enjoy the good stuff.  But the truth is that going thru the hard stuff will make the good stuff just that much better.  I guess this is what I can teach them and try to show them.  It does get better. Especially with the Lord on their side.