Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guess What?

Guess what?  I'm not 16, or 17, or 18 anymore!  Yah, I know it was a shock to me too!  I sometimes feel like I am still that young girl I was so many years ago.  I know it is somewhat pathetic...okay, okay, very pathetic!  But, seriously, I think it has finally sunk in!  The fact that I need to do things differnetly in my life at THIS age, is finally becoming a reality! And guess what?  It feels pretty good.  I am motivated and determined to do some things differently than I have been in order to live a more full and enjoyable life at the ripe old age of 48...soon to be 49!  Whew!  That was close huh?  50 is right around the corner now.....literally...just one more year.  So, my plan is that when I am 50 I will wake up the morning of and say to myself...."yes!  I did it!  I finally started acting my age"!


  1. Some days I act my age, like at work, church, funerals..but the rest of the time I am weird and immature..I guess I'd better grow up :)..but I really don't want too..

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