Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to normal

What is normal?  I think that for me normal has changed many times over the years.  It's funny because it seems that in my mind all I wanted was normal.  But normal to me was something different than I expected it to be because I learned that normal changes all the time.  So, I have to admitt that change in this way can be very difficult.  When life is just as you have created it to be at one point in your life and you get used to having it that way, it is really  hard to get used to another way of being.

Well, once we moved here to Utah, normal became me home during the day by myself taking care of my family and home with My Man at work and the kids at school.  Then they would all come home and we would be together to enjoy our togetherness.  Then life changed and my normal became something different.  I started watching my nephews on a daily basis and I was now a daycare provider with small children in my home again and I felt like a grandma.  With my kids all grown up and able to take care of themselves for the most part this was a change and an adjustment that took a different mind set.  But I did get used to it and it became my new way of living and I actually missed my normal that I had created for myself.  However, it didnt really interfere with anything important in my life and allowed me to still take care of my own so it was all good.

Well, my normal has changed again.  This week was my first week no longer watching my nephews.  With Michael coming home and job hunting again it is time for my normal to change again.  I like my old normal again.  I love being home alone taking care of my home and family while they are out taking care of business.  But, now I need to readjust my thinking again.  I am hoping to find a good steady job that will give us additional income and help us to take care of our own a little more fully.  Always changing I know.  I am grateful for the things I have learned as my normal has changed.  I am really enjoying my back to normal I must admitt.  However, normal will change very soon.

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