Friday, June 17, 2011


It's summertime!  This is me in the 6th grade at Portola Elementary School in San Bruno California!  Dont you just love it!  The dark mid-high socks, the red flowered skirt with this knit top with a zipper up the front.  I know, I know, sexy huh?  My best friend Tina Huntsman took this picture of me.  I know because it is written on the back of it.  I wish I knew whatever happened to her.  We moved to Auburn shortly after this and I never saw her again. Sad, but true.

Well, I love summertime!  And it is finally here.  It took quite a while but it has finally shown it's face. Thank goodness. It's time to enjoy the weather and be outside a lot! Hope you are enjoying your summertime! 


  1. Lovin the picture..I think I had that same shirt :)

  2. you better look again.....
    by the way didn't I have that exact same out fit? you know how mom loved to dress us alike and you always wanted to wear what I was wearing! (okay truthfully that part bugged me)

  3. WHO always wanted to wear what WHO was wearing? you better THINK again!