Sunday, June 12, 2011

Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work;

Have you ever woken up ,like from a dream, and realized that your life is exactly like you dreamed it would be?  Like an epifany that just slaps you into reality after several years of worrying and fretting and wondering when and how it could ever happen?  Like you have been living with a cloud of doubt  following you everywhere you go and suddenly the cloud is gone and you are in the sun and you see all the beauty now, that you thought you were missing?  Well, I have!  It seems that these past 2 years have been one realization after another.  Does this happen to everyone I wonder?

Well, My Man and I were talking the other day about something that we have talked about alot during the past 2 years.  The subject was "our boys and the kind of people they are turning out to be".  Like Mike said, 'we are a couple of nobodies and our kids are turning out to be somebodies." How did this happen?  Well, I think he hit the nail on the head when he said, "they must have been choice spirits in the pre-existance and just needed to come down to earth to get bodies so that they could shine". This thought has led me to additonal thoughts about the family that I desired to have while in my young adult years. 

First of all, for some reason I always wanted to have boys!  Dont know if I just saw myself with all boys or what.  But I just did.  Then I remember so well when I was in my last area on my mission. I spent a good deal of time thinking about what my family would be like when I someday married and had children.  Well, this feeling of having all boys intesified for me.  I remember very well having a strong desire to raise boys to be great missionaries.  In fact my thoughts were that I would raise these boys to be strong valiant spirits early in their youth.  That they would be prepared early in life to be missionaries. That they would be examples and a light to their peers.  That they would have burning testimonies in their youth and would be living examples of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I recently expressed this to My Man the other day and it caused me to contemplate, as I look at my children now, whether this was a desire I had or pure revelation.  And then just this morning it hit me.  "If ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work;" (D&C 4:3)  And I realized that this is why my life is what I dreamed it would be.  Because I had a desire to serve my Heavenly Father in this way and so he has called me to the work.  At times like these I feel like falling to my knees and thanking the Lord for his goodness, for his mercy and for his faith and belief in me.  I truly have seen the hand of the Lord in my life in so many ways and especially at this time.  It is a testimony to me that he does know me, he loves me and I am his daughter. And I have a great work to continue to do!


  1. very well said..I truly believe we live the life we were sent here to live as long as we have followed the Saviors plan..I know my mission on earth is to be a mom..I love that mission and wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. (wait.........) no I wouldn't, not any amount ;)

  2. This post really helped me to realize just how much heavenly father has been in my Tom's family knows I haven't had the best past growing up...but what I do know is that through the years heavenly father showed me love through many people...and that's including your whole family...I never thought that I would have the life that I's more then I ever dreamed of...and to be able to be the mother that I never had is more then I can ask for...thanks for helping me realize that! And that heavenly father loves me.
    with love Tiff

  3. I totally understand how you feel I have felt the same way throughout my life. YOu are a sweet girl and Tommy is lucky to have you. Give that baby a big hug and kiss from me. Love you Tiffany!