Monday, August 22, 2011

Ready....... Set........ Go!!

So glad today is the first day of school!  I was so ready yesterday.  I was having one of those "nobody appreciates me" kind of days yesterday.  One of those days where you are tapped out and nobody even notices how much you do all the time and that you could use some nice compliments.  No, instead they just continue to harrass you and expect you to do everything.  Sounds like perfect timing to go and find me a job!  Then maybe they will miss all that I do for them....yes, all of them!  The only problem is that I HATE having to look for a job.  The whole "send your resume" thing is just stupid to me.  I need to get out there in front of peoples faces.  Ideally I would like to find something close to home where I can be home quickly and where I can drive Mike's truck so that Michael can take my car to school since it gets better gas  mileage.

Today I am just enjoying the fact that the boys are in school and my house is nice and quiet.  I will go shopping and then come home and work on my resume'.........Ready........Set......GO!!


  1. I think all Mom's have these kinds of days! Enjoy the quiet day, enjoy shopping and good luck on the job searching front!

  2. That feels like my life everyday..Ready, Set, Go...I like when my days are Ready, thats a good day!! Good luck on the Job hunt..hardest thing ever..but you can do it..anyone would be lucky to have you work for them..