Sunday, September 11, 2011

Super Saturday Fun Ideas

We have a Super Saturday coming up in October. 
 So, I spent the whole week trying to come up with ideas and finding people to teach them to our RS sisters.  I think we came up with some good stuff.
  Our Theme is Strengthening Families Thru the Holidays!

The first hour of our Super Saturday we will have two instruction classes that will take a bit of time.
We will start with the Holiday breads, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread, etc..
Then while the bread is rising we will move to a nearby classroom where we will have a class on
deorating your Holiday table the easy way, with a few different and inexpensive ideas.
During lunch we will have a short message about the importance of
strengthening our families thru the Holidays.

Then we will break for lunch and have homemade soups, salad and rolls.
And we are asking the sisters to bring their favorite holiday treat to share for desserts.

Then we will break into our second hour of a round robbin style of holiday crafts.

Holiday Craft Ideas

#1 wood plaques with a vynal last initial. 
But we will be making them on the 8x10 plaques like the one in red. 
#2 crocheted cotton wash cloths
  Maybe I'm behind but I recently bought one of these great simple washcloths at a little store here in town and I love it!  It cleans my counters better than anything else that I have. 
So, I decided that we HAVE to make these!  Love them!

#3 Wooden spool christmas ornament
I thought these were super cute.  My sister makes jewelry so she will be teaching the sisters how to do the
bead work at the bottom and then you attach that to the ribbon and pull it thru and decorate
your spool with some cute Christmas scrapbook paper.

#4 Dry erase framed menu
You can use it like a dry erase board.  Just fill in the menu for this week.
Then erase and do it again next week.(change out your scrapbook paper as the seasons change)
  Simple, cute and a great christmas gift idea!

#5 Family Blocks
We picked up a 2x4 out of the backyard and cut them into 6 pieces.
  This is my friend Darcie's blocks we used as samples.
She just glued scrapbook paper, letters from my cricut,
and a package of matching embellishings. Are these cute or what?

And that's our Super Saturday!

Here's what I did with my 6 pieces of wood.
Mine are double sided. 

Here's the other side!

I love, love, love the way these turned out!

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  1. These are Super..thanks for sharing the ideas..