Monday, September 19, 2011

College Days

So, I've been thinking a lot about my young single adult days.   I have especially been thinking about some of my college days.  Probably because I now have a college student.  Well, here I am at Rick's College in 1982!  Yep, that's me wtih all my studies.  Truthfully I hated it!
Here is a good depiction of how I felt there.  First of all I felt cooped up because it was in the dead of winter (Jan) that I was there and we lived in this little apartment and I missed California so much!  I never was one for studying and doing well in school in the first place.  But my good friend Jodi was there and she wanted me to join her.  I had an exboyfriend who had been there and raved about how much fun it was.  So, I went.....and I almost dropped out of the semester and went back home. But I stuck it out for one semester.

We made our own fun though, while I was there.  Like the time we took one of our roomates bed room and put it outside.  That was a hoot!  We pretended to be drinking on it too.  A bottle of sparkling cider did the trick for this picture.
We also took out all our magazines and cut out all of the cute guys we could find in it and plastered them all over the kitchen wall above the table.  Made for fun conversation and enjoyable meal times:)
I also made a good friend there.  Ginger was just a tiny little thing.  She was a lot of fun and one of the reasons I could stand to stay there for that one semester.

Those were the days.  They were short lived and I'm glad they are over!

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  1. Both jerry and lexie loved it there..crystal not so much..looks like you had fun to me ")