Wednesday, September 28, 2011

and I'm Still Standing....

Okay, so I had a real big let down last week when I didn't get the job I wanted.  The last one I told you about....they hired someone else.  I was feeling really really sorry for myself.  I really wanted that job!  Well, that made me start to question everything about myself.  I am amazed how something like that could make me question my confidence, and just so many other things.  I was really bummed!  So, I decided that I needed direction and inspiration in my life.  Because truthfully, I didn't know where to go from here.  I guess I could have just thought, "oh well, I'll just keep looking".  But that's not what I thought.  But, what I did think about was the fact that the General RS conference was coming up that next day and I had tickets to go to it!  I just gave a lesson a few weeks ago in RS about General Conference.  I love General Conference and I know that is is our road map for the next 6 months in our lives. 

I got up Saturday morning feeling really low.  I decided that I would go next door to help do some painting inside the house.  Even though I felt like poo poo!  So, there I was working along side my oldest son and my husband....painting away.  I had a small can of paint that I had just finished cutting in with on this big wall downstairs.  Then I started to roll out the rest of the wall.  So, there I was rolling and rolling and then suddenly I hit the small bucket of paint off the ladder and it spilled all over the basement floor.  So, what do you think I did?  I started to cry!  Me!  I cried like a baby!  I couldn't believe it.  I said to Mike, "see, I cant even do this stupid painting"!  Mike said, "it's okay hunny, we can clean it're doing a good job"!  Michael looked at me and said, "Mom, are you crying?"  I just cried like a baby,it was funny and a bit pathetic ( I dont usually cry so easily like that) but......oh so real!  I quickly finished the wall and went back inside the house, got into the shower and got ready to go to the RS conference.  So, what if it was 3 hours early.  I wanted to get away and to get to that conference a.s.a.p.!

So, Conference was wonderful.  We sat in the 10 row from the front.  Afterwards I felt renewed.  I knew that going there I would find answers to my questions about where to go from here.  I was a bit surprised to learn that I just needed to continue to put my family first and just go about my life the way I had been and that everything was going to be okay.  That I just needed to slow down and take one day at a time and everything else would fall into place.  The next day was Sunday and I had a great day!

This week I am back at it.  Looking for work and being open to whatever happens and just being myself and being okay with it. I actually got a call back from the company that I interveiwed with and they let me know that they have some other Administrative Assistant positions coming up that they want to interveiw me for in the near future. That was great news because I realized that they must have found me overqualified and better suited for a higher paid position which the Admin Asst positions are.  That made me feel a ton better. I also had another interveiw today with another company.  Who knows how it will turn out. And who knows if I will like it if it does.  All I do know is that I am thankful to be a woman and to know that I am loved and not forgotten.  Can't wait for General Conference this weekend!  Oh, and by the way....
I am Still Standing!

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  1. First off cupcakes turned out owls..2nd off..hang in there your doing great..looking for a job has got to be the hardest thing there is..hard on the self esteem, I always wonder "why" they chose someone else, but really it turns out better in the end. Something wonderful is around the corner..I loved women's conf. it seems we hear the things we need most at the moment. I know Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and just knowing that, makes me happy! I cry like a baby all the time and its totally okay..Big smiles and hugs!