Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confessions of a stay at home Mom

My kids are ages 21, 16, and 13 now.  I have spent most of their growing up years staying home with them.  It was not always easy to make that sacrifice but somehow we made it happen. So, here are some of the things I have discovered while I've been a stay at home Mom.

1. It was harder for me to be home with my kids when they were little than it is now that
    they are older.  Little ones demand so much constant attention and care.

2. I would not make a good single parent. How do people do it?  Could not have done
    it without a wonderful husband and father.  Make sure you "Marry Up"!

3. There were several times when I had to find some kind of work I could do at home
     and it seems that it always came down to watching other people's kids.  Being
    Mommy to my own when they were little was draining enough.  Daycare...not my
    favorite thing to do. 

4. The other option to working from home is usually some kind of independent sales.
    I have to admitt I am just not good at it.  Just not a very self motivated sales person
    especially when I have to work from home. 

5. I love the teenage years!  Although I miss the little ones that always made me laugh
    and smile, I love when you can talk to your kids and even enjoy the same things that
    they do. I guess I am just a teenager at heart!

6.  Even though those early years were so hard in so many ways, when we struggled
     it brought our family closer.  I can now appreciate the hard times.

7.  I wish I knew then what I know now.  I would have had a much better attitude and
     had not been such a booger to live with at times.

8.  I dont know what is more important, being home with my children when they were
     little, or being home with them when they became teenagers.  Teenage years are vital!

9.  Now that those early years are gone and we have had many ups and downs, I can
     finally see the bigger picture and I feel renewed in my committment to our family's

10. I have had several jobs literally drop in my lap as I have put my family first and left
      the rest up to my Father in Heaven.

11. Finally, I am at that place again when I have to find employment.  I tried the sales 
      from home thing again and it is just not my thing.  I need to leave my house, go
      work somewhere and then come home to be with my family...not paperwork and
      phone calls.

12.  There have been lots of ups and downs but it has all been well worth it!


  1. You're so great, Lisa! And such a good mom! I just love your family!

  2. I could have wrote this post..it would be pretty much the exact same one..its like were twins..;/