Monday, April 4, 2011

He Will

Well, just as I thought...things are changing. Some good, some not so good. I think it is interesting how we have General Conference every six months. Boy dont we all need it?It's like a pep talk for the next 6 months.  I still believe in change. It is how we grow. I believe it is always good...or at least good can always come from it. So many things have been happening around me lately. And with new things that happen come new changes.

Some changes come without warning and we are caught off guard and we are forced to deal with some of our deepest trials. Some changes come because of choices we have made. Some come from the choices of others.  Some changes come because it is time for us to move from one place to another. And some changes we bring on purposefully. Still no matter how the changes come, they are always a new opportunity for us to choose how we will react to these changes. A chance for us to try and see the bigger picture to this life. A chance for us to ask ourselves, "what can I learn from this experience".

I think the scary changes come when I become complacent and content in just "being" instead of daily trying to see the bigger picture. Some changes bring with it heartache and pain. This is an opportunity for me to exercise my faith. We always have a choice. What will we do? What will we see? What will we take from this experience? Who is really in control? What does the future hold? Well, thank goodness, there is someone who knows and someone who IS in control. And all we have to do is follow Him and do our part. The part he has asked us to do and leave the rest up to him. He will make up the difference...He Will!


  1. Lisa I love this song, and loved your thoughts today. I have been thinking along the same lines lately. One quote that really hit me from Gnereal conference was.."Be examples of the Believers" Regardless of what happens in our lives...are we still examples of those who believe? I loved conference, there was a lot of great talks that were for just me and then for those I love as well. One thing I know for sure is that "He Will not let me go"!He will move mountains for me as I stay close to him!! Thanks for the song!

  2. Lisa, you are inspiring. You are part of who I am. You have always been with me in spirit, even when we were apart. And I'm glad we're together again. You are a welcome addition to my happy life. Keep it comin' homegirl!

  3. I hope your change is not life altering..those are the changes I can always do without, although I know they help us grow and learn..Life never seems to stay the same for very have such a great attitude about change and its are a great lady and full of lots of wisdom..big hugs to you!!