Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I started watching Reese and Bridger fulltime on Monday.  Reese comes over at 9:00 while Bridger is in school.  Then we pick him up at 11:30.  And everyday when we are on our way into the house, Reese stops to pick one of the dandelions out of my front lawn.  Then he yell's "Aunt Weeses"! (that's what he calls me) and he brings me the dandelion...just to brighten my day! 
 And guess what?...
It does! 
 It's like my own little ball of sunshine and so is Reese!
Ahhhh, the simple pleasures of life!
Spring has sprung!


  1. so the flower..what a sweet boy!!

  2. I have to admit those two boys you watch are so stink'n adorable!