Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you're happy and you know it...suck it up!

So, this was the last sentence of Elder Nelson's letter a couple of weeks ago in the letter he wrote home.  I have been thinking a lot about this and wondering what he really meant when he wrote this.

You know Elder Nelson has never written one negative thing home since he has been on his mission.  I personally have been floored by this.  I mean I would expect that from Stephen, but personally I didn't expect it from Michael.  Mainly because he has always been more solemn and thoughtful than Stephen (the clown) and he would share everything going on inside of him(the good, the bad, and the ugly) with me before his mission.  So, it was a bit of a surprise to see this change in him.  Although it has been such a huge blessing!  We have certainly had our share of trials since Michael has been gone and he has known this since they started before he left, so maybe it was a conscious effort on his part...either way I am just so grateful to never have had to worry about him.  I asked him once at Mother's Day or Christmas over the phone, "are you really always that happy? you never share any struggles you have had with us" which he replied, "don't worry, I have my journal". And that was all he said.  Wow, amazing.  So, my point is that Michael's consistent positive and happy attitude on his mission has been so contagious to our family.  And it has been so wonderful.  I am hoping that it doesnt end when he comes home. 

He has also talked about President Monson's talk in October 2008 "Finding Joy in the Journey"...and this seems to be Michael's attitude about his mission.  But isnt that what the gospel all about?  Isnt' this what an understanding of the Plan of Salvation should do for us?  Should'nt we all be finding Joy in the Journey, because we know who we are? Because we know the big picture?  Becasue we know whose we are....Because we know why we are here....Because we know he lives and loves us and has control of this universe?  Shouldn't we be happy? Knowing what we matter what happens?  Well, I know that is easier said than done.  I mean we know that none of us will escape this life without trials right?  So, with this in mind I guess when those trials come we just have to remember what we KNOW and WE KNOW that this life is temporary and that if we endure it well then all that our Father in Heaven has will be ours...all the love, all the joy, all the blessings....sooooo..."If you're happy and you know it....suck it up"! 


  1. Such a great post, Lisa. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I totally agree Lisa! I know a lot of people that do the opposite and let a trail bring them down and everything else in their life goes down the drain too. Some times I wish they would do just that.... Suck it up, and be happy! Loved this post!!!!!!

  3. Love it..I need to suck it up more..