Friday, October 28, 2011

It's about how we handle the rough times...

Well, life is a never ending circle of surprizes!  First off, the job that I had finally landed ended up being a temporary situation after all.  The 2 guys that own the company are very young and still learning what it is they need.  So, after 3 weeks of working at the computer and not doing much in the Administrative Assistant department, my boss decided that what he thought he needed was not actually what he actually needed.  He was very kind and very apologetic as he brought me into his office to explain the situation.  I knew something was up when I was stuck sitting at a computer doing data entry this and calculate that all day long for a good 2-3 weeks that I was there.  I personally did not enjoy sitting at a computer all day.  I didn't feel like he needed an assistant at all as he was gone most of the time and he didn't need me to do much for him back at the office.  So, when he called me into the office last Friday, I wasn't dissappointed when he informed me that the job was temporary after all.  I am glad it was thru a temp agency that I was hired and I'm sure he was glad too.  He was very complimentary, gave me extra hours, and even gave me a big hug as he said good-bye.  Did I need that job? Yes. Did I want that job after working at it for 3 weeks?  No.  So, I am back to looking for a job again.  However, I am grateful to realize now, that I do not want to sit at a computer all day for a living.  So, I am being a bit more choosy in what jobs I apply for. 

I'm not stressed.... I should be, I know that seems weird to me, but I'm not.  I know I will find something else.  So, I just keep trudging along.  I do have to admitt that it was nice to not have to go back to work on Monday morning.  So, I've been enjoying my kids again.  Getting myself organized again and back at looking for another job this past week.

So, you know how everything happens in 3's?  Well, on Wednesday morning we woke up to our new home being flooded.  We were all frantic.  Long story short, we did have flood insurance that was due to expire on November 1st....Wednesday was the 26th.  That was not just luck.  With every tragedy there are blessings.  My intention was to start packing since I had the time again.  However, now that it will be a bit longer til we move in, I will be spending my time instead looking for another job.  So, what's #3.  I'm not looking forward to it.  We could name some other things that already happened prior to this as #1 but I'm not sure that will work.  Well, only time will tell.

What I have learned thru all of this is that life is not about the hard things that happen during our journey.  It is about how we handle the hard things that happen along the way.  It's about all the rough terrain that we trudge our way thru, the mountains that we climb.  And then every once in a while we see the beautiful open valleys of splendor and grace...right  before we climb another mountain. So, merrily on our way we go....until we reach the valley-o!

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  1. Man when it rains its pours..and pours and pours! but you have a great attitude..which can be the best trait of all..I always think something bad is just around the corner..but I am trying to have more faith that whatever comes our way, I will be okay, so much craziness around us..I start counting my blessing and that always makes me feel better..Hang in there my friend and give yourself a big hug and know your loved from many!!