Thursday, January 12, 2012

The whole truth and nothing but.....

1.  I love my job!  It's very fullfilling and enjoyable. I don't think I have every enjoyed a job more!

2.  I hate coming home to a messy house.....which happens aLOT!

3.  I'd rather clean than cook.  My Man would rather cook than clean. So he cooks and I clean most of the time these days.

4.  I have to go in for 2 root canals today and I want to cry like a baby....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

5.  I was released from my calling in RS and Mike was called to the High Council again...we are both ready for the change and the challenge!

6.  I am grouchy a lot when I come home from work ( My Man reminds me almost everyday that I need to talk nicer) mostly because of my messy house.  I need to talk with the kids about chores!

7.  My Man is still unemployed but he is doing a small side job for his cousin in Mapleton.  We have faith that something will come his way before too long.

8.  I leave 15 minutes early for work everyday so that I can take Bryce to school and have some one on one time with him. He could ride the bus but it's "OUR TIME".

9.  I miss Michael.  I dont get to talk to him very much these days.  He is back in school and working hard.
I am very proud of him:)

10.  Stephen still keeps us laughing everyday! Thank Goodness!!!

 11. Even though I miss all the pretty snow everywhere, it's been nice to not have had such a severe winter this year especially since I am driving everyday to and from work.

12.  I feel very blessed in my life.  Overall it is a great life!

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  1. you have much to be thankful for.. and very blessed..Im trying to look for the positive things in life this year..hugs to you!