Friday, February 3, 2012


Me and crying....we don't go well together.  First of all I really look ugly when I cry.  Secondly it really does give me a headache.  But aside from that , I am not much of a crier at all.  Truthfully and sadly, I learned a long time ago that crying really gets me no where.  Not sure if I learned that as a little girl or a teenager, but it stuck and instead I developed a very thick skin.  Which actually was helpful when I met and married "My Man" since he is not the most tactful or sensitive man, by default.  However, I found it pleasing early on to fight my way thru the emotions in my adult life.  But the older I get the more I enjoy having a good cry which doesn't happen very often.  I still can not get the thought out of my head that it is a waste of energy, emotion and time.  But today I did it!  I had a good cry.  You see when the tears finally come out is when I am emotionally exhausted and someone says just the wrong thing and I finally have nothing left to do but let out the emotions by allowing my heart to accept the hurt, frustation or pain.  I know it is all very sad but true.  Crying, good or bad, sometimes it just has to be done!

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  1. you cry and cry hard..I am a huge crier..I look ugly crying, so you'll see me covering my face when I cry..which means I don't cry in public very often or try not to..but in the privacy of my home..sometimes I like to be comforted but a lot of the time I like a good cry by myself..There are so many different reasons for tears, but I think it is so healthy and I say cry it out and know tomorrow will be a better day..Hugs my friend..Lots of Love to you!!