Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free at last

It was Friday night and there was no dance.  She really counted on them each weekend.  It was one of the few ways she was able to express the freedom to be herself.  What was a 20 year old girl to do?  She worked at Contempo Casuals and her best friend at JC Penney's.  They had decided to drive into work  together that night since they worked at the same Mall.  When closing time came they met in the parking lot at her best friends blue cellica that her Dad had helped her purchase. There was only one big problem with the car...she hated driving if she didn't HAVE to.  So, as usual she handed her friend the car keys and they were on their way.  It was an 80's hot summer's night and luckily her celica had a sun roof.  Being a Contempo Casuals sales clerk gave her the oppotunity to buy some pretty trendy clothes.  It was a fun way to express her daring side, which she almost never revealed in public.  At the time the layered look was in and she wore a black lace tank underneath her blouse to work that night. Her best friend worked as an operator and wore a more conservative wardrobe.  That night she wore a cute light weight sweater with a camasole underneath. 

They were enjoying their independance just as much as 2 single LDS girls could.  Afterall life was supposed to be fun and exciting at this age.  The thing she loved most about her best friend was that she knew how to have a good time.  She was "crazy" and always made the dull moments turn into laughter.  So,there they were, friday night, sun roof open, wide awake, hot, and nothing to do.  As they sat in the hot silence, suddenly she glanced over at her best friend who was taking off her sweater! She couldn't believe what she was seeing as they were supposedly good "Mormon girls".  As the sweater came off to reveal only the camasole underneath, she sighed...."ahhh, that feels better".  Her best friend was free.  Free to be herself, free to be cooler and free of the judgements of anyone who might be driving by and notice that she was basically in her underware. She laughed as she thought about her best friend's boldness!  She would have never thought to do such a thing.  "How imodest" she thought to herself.  Then she suddenly realized that she was still clothed, and inside her car, so why not?  She reached down and began to unbutton her blouse to reveal the black lace tank.  She pulled off her blouse just as she had witnessed her best friend do with her sweater.  She was right!  It felt great!  Free! Free at last!

silly memories:)


  1. At Laaast you've come along! I have been such a bad influence.....Now we have freedom in our hearts!