Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't assume

One thing I really hate is when adults assume they know better than kids about EVERYTHING!  Because it is just simply not true!  What bothers me further is when adults dont even take the time to find out if the kid does know what he is talking about because the adult is too busy thinking about himself and how he feels at that moment.  How does this make the kid feel?  Well, when I was a kid I remember very well how this made me feel and it made me question myself, it made me feel insignificant and small.  Is that really the way we want to relate to our children?  Not me!  Kids need to feel that they are worth listening to and taking the time with so that they can explore and find out for themselves that they really have something important to offer in this life...and guess what?  It may be different from what you and I are used to but, that's okay, we can always open our minds to new things and new ideas....seeing it from a kid's point of view.  I think adults who do this assuming thing are very narrow minded and limit themselves to certain kinds of relationships and knowlegde.  So, don't assume!  You know what they say a bout "ASS-U-ME-ING"...


  1. ok really Lisa ..this is getting tiresome...I really do not know what I would do it I had to raise my kids without your words of wisdom....thanks for all the years of "help". Its nice to know I can confide and have you on my side. (not always) but mostly. lol

  2. This sounds just like something Regina would say. It's good advice...thank you Lisa. As adults we do always think we know what is best and often times don't listen