Friday, September 24, 2010

Theresa's Creations

This is my little sister Theresa!  Isn't she sooo cute?
Well, I love her to death!  And guess what? She is super duper
creative.  In fact she has her own jewelry business called 
you can go there to see all of her beautiful creations...and they ARE BEAUTIFUL!
(click on the name to view her jewelry)

Here are just a couple of bracelets that she has made along with sooo many other peices like necklaces, charms, watch bands and earrings etc.  She is super talented so please go check her out!  You wont be dissapointed. Oh, and she sells her jewelry mostly at 
Anastasia's Attic at Gardener Village here in Utah.
That's MY Sister!


  1. Yeah Theresa is CUTE! i LOVE HER CREATIVENESS. Not only in her jewelry but in everything she touches. I really have a place for Theresa in my heart. I can really say I LOVE HER! I wish I lived around you guys! My life would feel so full. Love you !

  2. Denisa, you are part of us and always will be!

  3. Theresa sure is the talented one in the family! I have sure benefited from some of her great jewerly. She is a cutie alright!!