Monday, September 27, 2010

Newest Halloween Decoration

I thought I would share with you my newest Halloween decoration!
Isn't she cute?  I love her and I love what she says!
Some days the broom does fit and I do fly it, very willingly!
Like on Saturday when they towed my car away from the parking
lot in Provo...boy was I flying my broom that day!

I just love Halloween!


  1. Lisa, If you love Halloween you need to come to gardner Village durning October. And bring your camera!!!

  2. I forgot you had another blog..and look at you..pretty cool..lookin good..spiffy..I really like it :) and oh what a cute witch..did you know Im a witch my name is Gracie for the whole month of October..(its a whole weird thing me and a few friends do, we act like were 12 and its so fun)

  3. cute, very very cute! Sorry about the car thing :(