Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling Guilty

So, Mike is in the middle of finishing off a basement for his cousin in Provo and it's looking pretty good now.  However, I am feeling a bit guilty today because he asked me at the last minute to come and help him.( I know he doesnt really need my help, he just likes having me around). I have gone to work with him a few times lately and it has been really fun, (besides the dirt and dust and paint and all that junk that it constantly on my skin and clothing) but really, it has been fun working beside him and seeing what he does and learning some new skills and just talking to him about anything and everything. But today I just couldn't let everything go once again to go and play with him at work.  I would never tell him that to me it is like playing because of course for him it is work.  But my work is here in this dirty house.  Besides I really need to work on my resume so that I can drum up some kind of part time job.  That is another thing I am feeling guilty about, looking for work!  I am really just procratinating and stalling to find a job, hoping that he will land a good one soon so that I wont feel guilty only looking for a part time job instead of a full time job.  And now I am feeling guilty for sitting here wasting time on this computer while I should be cleaning the house, doing laundry etc....Okay, that's enough about my guilty morning... now it's off to work I go. Thanks for listening...I feel so much better now:)

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