Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still Standing

Now that my boys are getting older and I have finally sent my first son out on a mission, I feel like I have reached a place in my life that I have always hoped and dreamed I would be.  So, now what?  Now I am finally enjoying all the other things that come with being a woman.  Like many other mom's I have devoted my life up til this point to raising my kids and being so involved with them that I really didnt take the time nor did I make the time to enjoy some of those other things that I could have.  Probably because I was growing up with them in a lot of ways. 

So, now it is time to explore and to really enjoy my life.  Although I am still raising my boys, I am also reaching that so called "middle age" and I am finding that I actually really love it! So, this blog will be dedicated to me sharing my thoughts and feelings about life, trying to get a bit more creative, different books I might be reading (I dont read a lot) and just new discoveries such a recipes, new talents and skills, new ideas, adventures and ...I guess we will just have to see what else I come up with.

  After all I am "Still Standing"!


  1. Love it..we all need a place to share our thoughts and feelings..I think I need many blogs for different parts of my life..but who can keep that up..will enjoy both your blogs..:)

  2. looks like you are coming into your own. I like this idea. Perfect.

  3. Hi..this is Cricket Regina and Theresa's friend. I hope you don't mind me checking out your blogs. Feel free to check mind out any time. The recipe blog is pretty good, but the family one would probably be boring to anyone other than family. I am starting a new thing on my recipe blog. I am asking friends to email me their favorite recipes and the story that goes with it (if there is one). Each week I will do a feature recipe with a picture of the person who sent it to me. I love the orange rolls....easy and yummy. So if you are interested you can follow my recipe blog. I would love to feature you one week. Here is my email address
    And here is the recipe blog


  4. Thanks Cricket! I had already add your recipe blog to mine. I will see what recipe I can come up with.