Thursday, March 31, 2011

You are what you think ...

So, I am a thinking girl!  Yes, I am.  That's just me.  I think about everything.  I wake up every morning with a million thoughts going on inside my head.  I am constantly evaluating my life and what is happening and how I feel about it.  Then I head out and adjust my thinking for that day. 

In thinking about this today I realized just how much our thoughts and feelings dictate what we do each day.  I know as a young girl they dictated everything I did.  Isn't it nice to grow up and realize that you dont have to let every feeling or thought dictate your life ,or at least, you no longer have that urge to go with every thought you have?  And that in fact you actually have the power to change the course of your thoughts and feelings yourself. 

The last few nights I have been having some strange dreams and so I've been waking up with some strange thoughts in my head and along with these strange thoughts come strange feelings.  So, I have had to get those thoughts out of my head and put other ones there.  Good ones. I reflected on how what you do in the course of a day  can almost force certain thoughts in your head that otherwise would not be there.  And I realized that this is why it is so important to be reading good books, watching good things, doing and saying good things on a daily basis.  It is how we choose to spend our time and what we choose to do and say that helps to shape our character and who we are. And it is the thoughts that we have that create the actions in our lives which in turn makes us the kind of people we are.

So, this has lead me to reflect on how important it is for me to read my scriptures daily, and to watch good things and to be more thoughtful about what I say and do.
As they say, "you are what you think".


  1. Lisa, you have always been a thinker! And this my dear is a good thing. If we do not take the time to re-evaulate ourselves, our lives, or actions, then we are not ever going to move forward in life. Good for the way, I think you dream more than anyone else I know. :) This too can be a good thng LOL I love who YOU are. So glad that I am related to you. Love ya

  2. Good to know us thinkers are not alone. I'm guilty too. Also, my dreams can effect my emotions, I've had to tell myself over and over that the dream was not real, so the emotions are not valid. Thanks for the good example that you are. :)