Thursday, October 21, 2010

I dont mean to be a bad Mom....I love my Sugar Bear!

I am feeling sick this morning.  Not literally, but emotionally.  That's always how I feel when I know I have let my kids down.  Especially when they have worked so hard.

 Last night Stephen played his last Sophomore football game for the year as well as his last JV game.  It was a busy night.  I had activity days and an appointment and Mike had to take Bryce to a concert at the high school for his music class.  So, since the high school is so close we went to the games off and on throughout the night.  Grandma Nelson was great and attended both games beginning to end.  She was Stephen's greatest support yesterday. However, by the time the second game was over, no one was there and Stephen felt very unloved:(  The first thing he did is text me and ask where we were.  I told him that we had been there but that I had an appointment, but it didnt matter because when he finally finished and looked in the stands for his family...we werent there.  I am sick, sick, sick!  Mike and I felt like a couple of "Loser Parents" last night! 

Stephen is a fantastic football player and often is the guy making the touchdowns for his team, so it is very exciting to watch him play.  However, last night he did not do as well as he usually does (even though he still made a couple of touchdowns) and so I know that made it even worse.  Many of his friends parents drive 3-4 hours away to watch their kids play football and we never did.  So, we probably look like the non-supportive parents of the bunch.  Anyway, Stephen is usually pretty understanding but last night was the breaking point for him.  Not only was it his last games, but he also needed to see our support because he did not play as well as he had hoped.  This moring when he left he did not say a whole lot to me.  I want to cry:(

  We really are not bad parents...I swear... we usually go to all his games.  We did miss 2 or 3 this year though.  So, I've learned my lesson.  It's not so much that we cant ever miss, it's just that some games you just CANT miss... which are...Homecoming game, biggest Rival game, at least one of the far away games, and the LAST games....oh, and be in the stands when he is finished and MAKE SURE he sees us!  I dont mean to be A Bad Mom.....I really dont.   I love my Sugar Bear!  You better believe we will be there tonight for his last Varsity Game...I hope he does something amazing!!!

p.s. thanks for your input on the gables....still up in the air but I'll let you know what we decide.


  1. You are an amazing mom. I know it, and he definitely knows it!!!

  2. I gave a talk once when I was a young mom..don't remember what the talk was on, but it must of been about me being a bad mom..because I had an older, wiser sister come up after and say "Lighten up" at first I was kinda offended, I thought she was criticizing me, Then she hugged me and said it again, I think that is when I started to cry..I was so focused on all the stuff I wasn't doing I forgot all the stuff I did do, and it has stuck with me for lots of years..we want to be everything and be everywhere for our kids, but sometimes life doesn't allow that..we disappoint our kids and our kids disappoint us, but in the end we all love each other and we forgive each other, mostly we need to forgive ourselves..You are a good mom for caring so much about his feelings..I hate to say it, but I tell my kids life is full of disappointments its how we deal with it that matters..Im sure he will be all smiles tonight seeing you all in the stands..and all will be forgotten..Big huge hugs to you!!

  3. Your friend Maureen said it is wonderful advice.

    Do something a little specila for him today and make sure to give him a big hug and tell him you love him.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Thanks! You guys are the greatest!