Monday, October 25, 2010

The Mountains Inspire me!

     Well, can I just say that I woke up this morning and the mountains  looked like this.  With the weather changing now sometimes you cant even see them anymore because of the fog and clouds.  However,I am so enjoying the mountains since I've been here in Utah and I really look forward to seeing them covered in snow!

     So yes, the mountains so Inspire me!  I didnt use to feel that way.  In fact for many years we have come to Utah for one reason or another and Mike would always say how much he missed not being able to see them in California like we do here in Utah.  I would think, "so what".  Then I had a dream...yes one of MY dreams.

     This was about 7 years ago while I was going thru a very difficult time in my life.  I was trying my hardest to do everything I needed to do in order to get thru this trying time and for some reason I could just not pull myself out of the rutt I was in.  I felt like the walls were closing in around me and I just didnt want to be here anymore.  After going to bed one night, once again feeling terrible and praying to Heavenly Father to help me to see something good.   I had the following dream... 

     I dreamed that I was led thru a forest of trees for a bit by a young friend, and she brought me to this wide open beautiful feild.  I was left standing in front of a river bed and beautiful nature all around me and ahead of me were tall mountains.  I thought "oh how beautiful".  Then my young friend said, "you just have to go up that mountain"...and she was gone.  I looked at the mountain ahead of me and it didnt seem too awfully big to climb so I headed towards it and I heard someone beside me say, "no, that one", and a man was standing there beside me and he pointed to another mountain and it was at least twice the size of the little one.  I paniced!  And I said "I cant climb that one, it's much too big". But the man said,"yes, you can, you 'll be fine" and he took off ahead of me up the very mountain I was to climb.  He didn't wait for me, he just went ahead very determined.  So, there I was alone with this huge mountain to climb. 

     So, I started towards the mountain.  After traveling for a bit I found it was getting harder to climb.  In fact, there was gravel underneath my feet and they began to lose their grip.  So, I stopped and looked down and realized that I had gotten about a third of the way up.  I then found an edge so I decided to sit on it and just relax.  I looked down and thought "wow, what a beautiful sight"!  So, I just sat there.  Then I saw something fly thru the air and land on the waters banks below.  They looked like eagles with beautiful wings and once again I was in awe! Then suddenly as I looked closer, the so called "eagles" were not eagles at all, they were vultures and they had spotted me.  I could see their peircing eyes looking straight at me as they started walking towards me.  So, I knew that I could not stay there all comfortable anymore.  I had to continue up the mountain. So, reluctantly, but quickly, I began again to climb.  Now it was even harder to climb this mountain as I was scared and the gravel continued to be so loose that I began to cry.  With each step now I was sure it was my last and that I would not make it and fall to my death.  Finally I found a large tree to hide behind where the vultures could no longer see me.  I felt safe.  But I knew I could not stay there.  So, I continued on to climb.  I looked up and saw that I still had so very far to go to reach the top and I began to cry harder and to give up hope, even though I knew that I could not stop because there was no where else to go.  I continued to climb and cry with every step.  In my dream I could feel the unsteady ground beneath me, it was so real and frightening, and I felt extremely insecure as I climbed and cried.  Then suddenly I came to a beautiful platform out of no where with a beautiful doorway.  And then I woke up!

And this is what I got out of this dream....
  We all have mountains to climb. We will want to give up at times and at times we will want to sit and just relax.  But to sit and be idol is dangerous and leaves us open to the adversary.  We must continue to climb no matter how hard it is.  Someone has led the way and is waiting for us.  And we never know when we will reach the top, so we just have to do our best, not give up, and trust that our Heavenly Father is aware of us and is always there for us.

 This dream gave me hope, changed my whole perspective and my life!

Now I love the mountains! 


  1. I L.O.V.E the mountains..that was the first thing I missed when we moved to Calif. and the thing I love when I come back to visit..It sounds like life is good there and Im so happy for you..there is no place like home and home is where your family is..that is why I feel like Im home when Im there..its where my family is..lucky you have both sides there, that makes it double special. Life is so full of ups and downs and turn backs and bumps in the road..but we never give up because that would make the Evil one smile and thats something I never want to see..Big squeezes.

  2. Jim has always marveled at the sight of the Mountains. Over the years, he has helped me to see the beauty that lies there as well. We live in a wonderful place don't we? It was good to hear the details of that dream again, good for us all to remember those things that you got out of that dream. Keep dreaming ....for all of us will you? Love you Lisa more than you know!!!!!