Friday, October 1, 2010

Notebook fun

So I saw this great idea using these cheap composition notebooks. Got them for .25 a peice at Walmart.  I know everyone has probably used these to make journals in YW, but I loved the idea of making one for my missionary. 

So fun!  Isn't it so totally awesome?  I love the way it turned out!  So simple and cool!
And here's the inside so far...did the same on the back cover minus the sticker.  Think I'll add a picture of Elder Nelson inside too.  Then I plan to laminate front and back and send for Christmas.

And here's another cute idea...I made this for a special birthday coming up.  Pick a memory from the jar and write about it in this notebook.  Cant wait to give it!
So fun!


  1. What a fun idea..they turned out so cool..I was going to say cute, but I don't think a missionary wants a cute journal..but I think its cute too..:)

  2. Lisa these are soo cute, and will be perfect for our boutique! Great idea and so I see the talent doesn't only stan in the hands of Theresa :) The two of you are amazing! Way to go!!!!!!

  3. Those are really cute! i love them! :)