Monday, October 4, 2010

What I learned from General Conference

I loved General Conference this past weekend.  Michael said in his letter...."General Conference is the Super Bowl for Missionaries!"  So true!  You wait 6 months to attend that great event!  It is like a feast for the soul!
So, the following is just a little bit of what I learned while listened to General Conference.

I learned that we show our faith by following the Lord with exactness and not by being selectively obedient.

I learned that to live with gratitude forever in our hearts is to touch heaven.

I learned that we should do our best to safeguard our homes and make them places of refuge from the world.  That we should black out lethal bombs from our homes.

I learned that as parents we need to be courageous and love our children enough to give them high standard to live by.  The Lord is counting on valiant parents to bring up his children today.

I learned that our righteous choices as parents increase our children's ability to walk in the light.

I learned that we should repent and change and then "dont look back"

I learned that love is spelled T. I. M.E.

I learned that turning our way into his way is the beginning of our wisdom.

I learned that our YM have the great responsibility to declare the gospel to the world.

I learned that the world will teach our children if we do not.

I learned that when stress levels rise we need to slow down.

I learned that studying the scriptures trains us to hear the voice of the Lord.

I learned that our struggles define our character.

I learned that the simplicity of the gospel is a plentiful source of joy and peace.

I learned that we must forgo some good things for things that are better or best.

And much, much more!

Always so much to learn at general conference!

 Now it's time to get to work!


  1. Thanks for the recap! It was a wonderful, Wonderful conference wasn't it? Many things learned!

  2. you learned alot! We are so lucky to have this in our lives to gain the guidance and knowledge we need