Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Cookie Exchange

Had a great time at my sister's Cookie Exchange on Saturday!
Before we exchanged our cookies, Regina talked a bit about
Christmas Traditions and how important traditions are. 
 She then gave each of the girls the Christmas Traditions journals
that I made last week for her. 

 Then we exchanged our cookies and other goodies! 
Here are all the different assortment of cookies I came home with.
I was able to make up 12 of these yummy plates!

And then Regina and I each recieved one of these!
This has got to be one of the most beautiful Christmas decorations I have ever recieved!
This came from our friend Cricket who manages
Anastasia's Attic at Gardner Villiage.
It's mistletoe!  Thank you Cricket!  I absolutely love it!

It's hanging here in my entryway.
It will be fun to tease people about standing under the mistletoe this month!
It was a really fun day and I am excited to continue the Chirstmas Cookie exchange in future years!


  1. Your husband was telling us about this! What a great tradition!

  2. Lisa thanks for coming and being a part of something that has been a tradition for me for 25ish years now. The Tradition Journals were the the perfect gift this year. Thank you, the cookies were fun and yummy too!

  3. What a fun cookie exchanges as everyone makes their favorite cookies to share..its the best of the best..Great way to start the Holiday season..Looks like your house is coming along fun..

  4. well! If I knew Cricket was giving those out I would have made 13 dozen:)