Thursday, December 2, 2010

Defined By Christ

I am not much of a reader as I have stated before.  However, when I find books such as this I cant get enough.  This book was given to me, as a thank you gift, by my good friend Christin and another sister for speaking in her ward in Ogden last month.  It is a fantastic book!  At least I think so.  This book is written for those who struggle with feeling their divine worth!  It is filled with examples, experiences and doctrine about who we are as children or our Heavenly Father, that helps the reader to really truly get their worth!
I personally have struggled with this issue much in my lifetime..I have come to understand that sometimes this is the only way the adversary can get to us and boy does he use the lie that we are not smart enough, capable enough, good enough or worthy enough to deserve all the blessings that our father in heaven has for us in this life.  And that what we have to give is just not good enough.  I have felt that so much in my lifetieme off and on and I assume that others too have felt the same way. 

Here are just a few quotes from the book:

"What certain others think of us may matter in some ways, but the opinions of others, no matter who they are, should not define us. Christ is the audience for whom we perform." 

"We are not told to understand.  We are told to remember.  That can only mean one thing: at some point we knew our worth in the sight of God."

"Everyone on this earth stuggles--even those who seem to have all the advantages.  It's part of God's plan.  It's how we come to the realization that we have to rely on Him instead of on our own strength.  And it brings us to a realization of His mericful plan.  Regardless of any disadvantage we face, our Heavenly Father can fill any void and can make up for all that we lack.  He knows us better than we know ourselves, and His perfect plan can catch us when we fall and redeem us when we sell ourselves short."  I love this one because I have come to know for myself that he can fill all the void in our lives...we just have to learn to give our life to Him.

"We cannot trust others to determine our worth.  We can't even trust ourselves to determine our worth.  We have to train ourselves to listen, believe, and act on the only voice that matters--Christ's voice."

" He says, "Come follow me." If we do that, we will end up where He is.  Think about it!..."

Anyway, it is a really, really good book and it's short.  But it's one that you will want to savor because it makes you feel and know how loved and how special you truly are.  I highly suggest it!


  1. Sounds like a good book for everyone as I think we all have our things we deal with..I love the "we cannot trust others to determine our worth" just had Hot choc. with a friend tonight and we talked about true..