Monday, December 27, 2010

Too many cheifs

The last couple of nights I have just wanted to stay up and enjoy the peace and quiet.  People have been cranky around here.  Do you ever notice that just by the way some people talk that it just brings you down?  That is what I have really noticed lately.  The older I get the more I just want to have quiet happy peace.  But everyone is always busy and anxious to get something done or be somewhere or do something and so the crankiness starts!  And I just get tired of it.  Everyone has their own agenda.  Maybe I just live among too many Cheifs and not enough Indians.  We also have a lot of stubborn people around here.  Mike and I are both pretty stubborn I have to admitt.  Plus the kids are home from school because of the christmas vacation so everyone is around a lot more.  I did a lot of returning and exchanging of Christmas gifts today. Now I am in the middle of cleaning and re-organizing my house.  I am gathering up all my christmas decorations little by little and packing them away.  Then I will tackle the basement and get us all organized so that when the house is finished and we finally move it isn't a big hastle.  So, I am not sure what I will be doing in a month from now.  My goal is to work on my food storage this year but I am also supposed to get my Mary Kay business up and running.  Not feeling so motivated these days.  So, we'll see how it goes.  Right now I am just gearing up for a New Year!  Yay!  I love New Years!  Love that "New" feeling that "New Start" opportunity.  So, for now I will just enjoy the week of having my kids home and try not to get too crazy with all the cheifs I live with around here.  Hope you all enjoy your week as well.
How many cheifs do you live with?


  1. Oh Lisa you crack me up....I too want just peace the older I get.My husband and I married 6 years ago and combining the two families has been very hard. This Christmas was soooo different. eE have been watching this past year as many hearts have softened and attitudes have changed. This was our best Christmas ever! All the kids have grown and let go of past hurt feelings and have decided that we are a family. I cried like a baby. It was wonderful!! I hope to keep these feelings in my heart all throught out the new year....but I have to say organizing and putting away the Christmas stuff is NOT something I am looking forward to. But the D.I. will certainly be happy. I am cleaning out my house like I never have before.
    Wishing you and all your Indians a Happy New Year filled with the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Be healthy and happy and every time it gets to be a little to much go and serve another, for it is the one thing that will make our own frustrations and problems seem so little.

    Love ya and hoping for many more opportunities to share time with you in 2011!

  2. The older my kids get the more I feel like an Indian and not a Chief..sometimes I say out loud, I am the mom..of course they laugh and say "we know mom"..I am the stubborn one in the family so I have to be careful..I have learned to bite my tongue hard..Jerry quietly does things his way and says "believe me, you will thank me" and yes I usually do.. I have really noticed people in general were cranky this year..I mentioned before about getting hit by a cart twice..hopefully with a new year, people will get their cheer back..I keep hoping the new year will bring with it some motivation..I seem to have lost mine the last several months..I need to get healthy again, I hate when I feel this way, that makes me cranky which makes my family cranky :) so that will be my #1 goal this year..Wish us all luck!!