Friday, December 10, 2010

Tale of the Three Trees

So, many years ago when Mike and I were just newly married and starting our family, my sister in law gave me 3 trees similar to these and along with it was the Tale of the Three Trees.(Go here to read a version of the story.)  I loved those 3 trees and have put them out every year in a group as one of our favorite christmas decorations.  Then when the kids were getting a little bigger and could sit and listen to stories, I started to read this story on Christmas eve.
We get the 3 trees out and sit on the floor with the story and we turn out all the lights and light candles all throughout the house.  Why?  Just because it makes it more fun and the kids love it. 
Anyway, this is just one of our Christmas traditons.  So, this year I could not find my Trees!  I think they must still be in California.  So, I went shopping for some more.  And I found these.  So, I decided that I would give a few of these trees to some others who are very special and just starting out their families this year.  And this is how I will package them.
Each tree is individually wrapped in tissue paper and then placed in this sack.  Along with a rolled up copy of the story of the Three Trees. I love gifts that help us remember the Savior!  I was excited to get these trees and I am so excited to give them!

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  1. I love that story..Its one of our the way you wrapped it up and the pretty trees..what a thoughtful gift..