Friday, December 17, 2010

How deeply do you feel?

Okay, so this is just something that I've been thinking about a lot lately.  I am interested in getting some feed back from some of you abou it.  Since we can only feel what we individually feel then how can we really know?  What I am talking about is if some people feel things more deeply than others. It seems that in my lifetime I have been surrounded at times by people who feel things very deeply and then by others who do not feel things so intensely.  So, what is it?  Do people actually feel things more intensely  than others or are some people just more expressive or emotional?  What do you think?  I know when I compare myself to my husband I definately feel like when I feel things they are more intense than when he does.  However, I am a woman and he is a man and that in and of itself explains a lot.  But when it comes to people in some people actually feel things deeper than others? And why?  And what are we supposed to do about that?  Are we to learn to control those intense emotions or feelings or are we supposed to let them cause us to take action in our lives.  I know this may be just a weird thing to think about but, every once in a while I do think about this kind of thing.  Maybe it just depends on the situation.  Maybe some people feel more deeply about certain things.  But then there seem to be the kind of people who just feel deeply about everything.  Is it our experience that causes this to be so or are we just born this way? Maybe I am answering my own question.  Maybe there is just not one straight answer for this deep feeling thing.  I just wonder why it is I guess.  I guess it is a good thing that Mike doesnt feel as deeply about things as I do because he is often the voice of reason or the calm in the storm for me.  I think that is a good thing...right?
On the other hand, I wonder sometimes if I went with some of my intense feelings, would I have accomplished more in my personal life?  I have always kind of been a person who plays it safe, so maybe Mike helps me keep that "safe" place that deep down I want to stay in.  Okay, now I am getting too carried away with this subject.


  1. I think as women we are more emotionally involved with our feelings, But there are times I feel so deeply moved by something and I'll look at friends or family Im with at the time and there's nothing, no emotion, and then there are times they will be falling apart and I wonder why they are so emotional, so I think we all have things were passionate about, or something triggers emotions that remind of us something sad or even happy..then there are those that don't seem to have a lot of emotion..I think they are heavily medicated..just kidding..its wild how different everyone is and how they react to things..Its a very thought provoking question..I love these kinds of post..they make you think outside the box..

  2. Wow complex question. My thoughts are this. Each of us are who we are based on our lifes experiences. Therefore we are all going to be so difference even if we have came from the same family :) There is a difference between intensity of feelings and genuiness of feelings. You can feel something more intensly than someone else, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your feelings are more genuine than theirs. How you express your feelings is just a matter of individual personality. Again, this is something good to think about often in life. Thanks for the thought provoking post Lisa!

  3. I think it is a little of both. I feel some have been given a gift of feeling things a bit more intensly than others (and are able to act on things as well). And then others are sensitive about things because of circumstances or experiences in their life. And maybe sometimes we get a little of both. My passion for not wanting one child to wake up Christmas morning without a toy uder the tree (hence my toy drive party every year) stems from a very painful experience in my childhood. My love for having all my kids at the dinner table stems for experiences from my childhood, but I do feel I was given a gift of being able to listen to people and kind of know what they need at that moment and usually get it right. I seem to be able to "pick up" on what it is they are really needing...does that make sense? I also think men (probably) feel very intense about things but have always been conditioned to express it (or maybe NOT express it) in a different way. The Lord knew we were going to be emotional creatures when he created us so he made man as our less emotional counter balance ;)
    I see that in many cases...the man is the one that keeps the woman and all her beautiful emotions grounded.

    Lisa, I just wante to tell you (again) how much I love both of your blogs. You are a very insightful lady. I can't wait to get to know you better. I love Regina and Theresa dearly as well as your sweet Mom. And I am hoping that 2011 will bring opportunities for you and I to get together more often.

    Merry Christmas,