Saturday, March 26, 2011

I feel a change coming on

Have you ever felt that something was about to change?  Well, that is how I feel today.  I have felt it coming for a while now.  I'm not sure if it's just because of the weather or the seasons changing or just something inside of me, but change is coming on.

I have already started some new ventures in my life that I am hoping will pay off in the next few months.  I am also anxious to start preparing for the return of our missionary son.  So, I guess that could also be the reason for the feeling of change coming on.  It will be interesting to me to see what life will be like with Michael home again.  So many things have happened and so many things have changed about our family since he left 20 months ago! 

I have to say that I really love change.  I also love to be in the moment of each phase of life.  But change is excitng and new and another opportunity to start over make new committments and renew old ones.  I think that what we do best as human beings is "Change".  Change is a good thing and I am excited for it! So, bring it on...


  1. Change is necessary but not always good. You have a really positive outlook on it. I for one HATE change but know there is nothing I can do about it. It is part of life and without it there is no growth. Just seems for me when change comes for me it comes because something bad or negative has happened. Once I get through whatever it is I can usually look back and see the positives and blessings that came from it but awww man it is heck when you are going through it. I guess I am worried because I have really felt like there is a BIG change coming in my life. Which for I have already said usually means something negative is going to happen...grrrr...oh well can't get over it til you go throug it...LOL

    Here is wishing that all your changes are happy ones.

  2. Its funny how sometimes you just feel that change is in the air..sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes I feel scared..and sometimes I never know why I have those feelings because nothing changes..but I agree change is good..its the big changes that alter our life' those are the changes I can do without...

  3. You are better than me. I hate change!