Monday, March 21, 2011

Sandy, Temple hopping and a trip to Moab

My good friend Sandy came out for a visit on the 11th and stayed til the 15th.  We decided that we would go visit some of the temples in Utah since I am living here now.
So we did! My mother in law has tons of names that she has researched so we were able to take family names to the temples.
The first stop was Mt. Timpanogos
and this is where we took 2 of Mom's names thru a session.

Next we stopped at the Draper Temple
Here we did 27 baptisms and confirmations, 2 of them were mine,
 one being myGreat Grandmother on my Dad's side. 
 And then 25 of my Mother in laws again.

Next we stopped at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Here we did the initiatories of the same 27 names.
It was a great way to spend our first and last days together.
Then we took a trip to Moab to visit Sandy's grandmother and to stop and see Mike's Aunt June.  We of course took a tour of Three Arches National Park and saw some great sights.

Behind us here is called Balancing Rock

Here I am with Sandy's cousin Kymm about to climb the arch.
I drank half a bottle of Pepsi that day.  So, I had a ton of energy!
There I go!  Sandy was freaking out! 
 She is always my protector like a big sister.
She was so afraid that I was gonna fall and Mike was gonna kill!
The 3 Nephites
This is at Castle Rock
Look at this rock when the sun was going down.  So beautiful!
We took all kinds of crazy pictures and had some great girl time!
Utah is so beautiful and there is so much to see.

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