Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Listener

This post is about my Mom.  Yep, "The Listener".  That's her!  Mom and I took a trip to Las Vegas together this past weekend to attend a wedding.  It was supposed to be 3 of us but Theresa ended up not coming so it was just me and Mom.  It was a really nice time, just the 2 of us together.  However, I realized that most of the time she just listened to me ramble on about everything in my life. Even as she was getting sleepy in the car while I drove, she nodded with her eyes closed, and just listened (I can really ramble on). And I realized something.  I realized that my relationship with my Mom has really never changed over the many years that I have been a live.  Mom has always been there for me to listen to me talk about anything and everything.  And she is really good at it.  And it seems that when a long time has past since I have shared the many happenings of my life with her...then I feel like I need to catch up and tell her EVERYTHING that is going on in my life and inside of me.  And she just LISTENS!  She is awesome like that.  Even when I was a teenager.  She was my best friend and my biggest fan and she always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted and she just listened to me talk about how I felt and what was happening in my life. She really is the best! 

Now as I am getting older.  I hope that I am doing more listening myself.  And I hope that I am listening to Mom as much as she has listened to me.  Mom is moving to Idaho tomorrow.  And yes I am driving out with her.  Regina is going too.  So, guess what?  More listening.  This time I will try to be the listener.  I will miss her while she is in Idaho.  But no fear, she will be back again in a few years.  And this time she will come to live with me again.  So, here is to my mother, the listener.  I love her so much for always being there for me.  For encouraging me and for believing in me and most of all just for Listening to me!
The Listener and Me.
I love you Mom!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mom..Listening is sometimes what we need most..Its nice to be able to have that someone you can tell anything too and know they will still love you, no matter what..