Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RS Birthday Party!

Last night we had our RS Birthday celebration.  Our committee did a great job of decorating and getting things ready while I was off
temple hopping and taking Sandy back to the
 airport to fly home after a 5 day visit.

We had a wonderful dinner of Mexican Chicken Casserole, salad and rolls
and then a lovely dessert of centerpieces!

For our centerpieces we asked sisters to make cakes!
Is this the cutest or what?

Wouldn't you love to sit at this table?

Look at this one!  Homemade with fresh flowers!
Some people are soooo talented! Just beautiful!

So fun and colorful!

We then opened the program portion of our night with a few words from
Brother Brigham Young, followed by these special guests...

Brother Joseph, Emma, Eliza R. Snow, and none other
than the Prophet's mother...Lucy Mack Smith!
And last, but certainly not least, our wonderful RS President
and my good friend, neighbor and walking buddy,
sang to us about how our hands are the hands of Heaven
and then she spoke to us about how wonderful it is to be part of this
great organization!

We had a wonderfully successful meeting...we are so very


  1. Looks like tons of fun!! We have ours this Fri..our theme this year is "Leave your Legacy"..Im hoping it all turns out okay..but it always does one way or another!! I like the desert on the table idea..

  2. You did such a great job! It was just wonderful! Thanks for all your hard work!