Monday, August 22, 2011

Ready....... Set........ Go!!

So glad today is the first day of school!  I was so ready yesterday.  I was having one of those "nobody appreciates me" kind of days yesterday.  One of those days where you are tapped out and nobody even notices how much you do all the time and that you could use some nice compliments.  No, instead they just continue to harrass you and expect you to do everything.  Sounds like perfect timing to go and find me a job!  Then maybe they will miss all that I do for them....yes, all of them!  The only problem is that I HATE having to look for a job.  The whole "send your resume" thing is just stupid to me.  I need to get out there in front of peoples faces.  Ideally I would like to find something close to home where I can be home quickly and where I can drive Mike's truck so that Michael can take my car to school since it gets better gas  mileage.

Today I am just enjoying the fact that the boys are in school and my house is nice and quiet.  I will go shopping and then come home and work on my resume'.........Ready........Set......GO!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The balancing act

Okay, so how do you do it?  I mean seriously.  It doesn't matter how hard I try I just cant keep all the balls in the air at the same time.  I can not get all the plates to balance at the same time.  Something always has to give.  So, what has to give?  How do you decided where to put your priorities?  I mean there are always the priorities that you know you have to keep.  But then there still seems to be this other long list of priorities that you have to decide between.

Life is getting crazy again.  School, work, callings, sports, house cleaning, shopping, personal time etc...  I just cant seem to get a handle on it.  And it seems that what always has to give is my personal time.  Well, I just cant give it away anymore.  I am falling apart here!  I am tired of never having time for myself.  It always seems that what gives is either exercise or down time for me.  Because everyone else needs so many things from me, so that they can continue on with all they have to do.  So, when do I get to do just one or two of the things that I want and need to do?  Now, I might sound like I am whining, and maybe I am but I really need to start letting go and actually being a bit more demanding about things around here.  Probably my biggest problem is that my kids seem to think that if chores dont get done, it's okay because Mom will do them.  Well, if and when I start working I'm not going to be abel to do them. I used to look forward to the kids going back to school because at least my house would stay clean while they were gone.  But when I get a job again, a full time job, I will not be home to clean up behind them anymore.

I've been trying for years to get these boys to take their chores seriously.  But, with everyone being so busy doing other extracuriicular activities, there never seems to be a long enough period of time where it ever becomes a habit.  But honestly, I think if I could just get the kids to do this one thing...."CHORES"...consistently, I think I would be a happy girl!  I would be able to function.  I would be able to keep up with all that I have to do plus take a bit of time for myself to exercise, read, or do something relaxing for me!  So, do you think it is possible?  Do you think I could sit my family down and explain all this to them and they would actually get it?  Well, I'm gonna try once again.  Maybe they have grown old enough now that they will?..........One can always hope!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bursting the Bubble

You know how everything is just going great and your happy and having fun and smiling and laughing and then all of the sudden someone comes a long and bursts your bubble?  Well, that is me today.  I guess sometimes someone just has to slap you back into reality.  I am the kind of person who just wants to have a good time.  And I want everyone else to have a good time too.  I just don't see why bad things have to happen.  Not that anything too bad has happened.  I just hate having to be the one to spoil the party.  I guess that's what comes with being an adult or a parent.  Yah, yah, I know I am just a big kid at heart and I don't want to have to be all responsible all the time.  Why cant we all just have our cake and eat it too?  I really don't see what the big deal is.  However, I guess there are always bills to pay, laundry to do, dishes to wash, bathrooms to clean.  Doggone it!

So, we've had a great time celebrating and running around since Michael's return.  But now reality of life has set in and I have to get serious.  And I have to be the one to remind everyone else to get serious as well.    For example, I have to find me a full time job.  I've been in and out of part time jobs up to now, but I need to get serious about it now.  The older boys need to get jobs too.  School is about to start and the house is still being built and not fast enough.

So, how do you do all of these serious responsible things and still have fun and not get discouraged and keep your chin up and have a positive attitude?  Well, I am determined to find out.  It's not gonna be easy I know, but someone has to be the adult around here right?  Okay, so here goes..........

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lovin my life!

     So okay, I have to say that life is pretty good right now.  Mostly because I have all my kids home again and I love it!  It was a bit hard at first to get used to the new and improved Michael.  He came home so happy, so confident and so determined.  I really didnt know how to react at first to him.  I mean he has always been a great kid, but he is a man now.  A determined hardworking man.  He also has this new sense of humor.  He told me how I told him something before his mission which he used alot in the mission field.  I told him that he should be having fun and loving his mission and if he wasnt having fun, then something was wrong.  I guess he really took that to heart and he had a blast out there doing the work. As a Zone Leader he motivated his Zone by using this theory.  He said it made a world of difference.  He worked hard and had a great time doing it.  I am sure it helped having so many great companions and serving some of the fun loving people that he did in Australia.  But back to this new sense of humor.  It is a bit sarcastic and well, I am used to that with Stephen because he is like that all the time, but Michael, when he will say something sarcastic to me it hurts my feelings.  So, I am having to get used to this new sense of humor and his new confidence.  I think it is starting to grow on me.  WE have a lot more fun now that Michael is back, as a family.  The boys have such a good time together and it is so much fun to see.  I especially enjoyed our vacation that we took last week to California.  The boys all laughed and joked and razzed eachother the whole time.  Such a nice change from fighting and arguing all the time like they did when they were younger.  It's a mother's dream to have all her children love eachother and get along so well.  I know some families just have that natural kindness and love towards eachother and I always have envied those families.  I never thought I'd see the day that my boys would all get along so well, but it's here and a lot sooner than I would have thought.  It's wonderful!

So, now we are all very busy getting on with life.  We have added another young man to the equation in our home.  Michael's best friend Adam is now living with us.  We are so excited!  Everyone loves Adam, he is super fun and hardworking.  I worry a bit about he and Stephen together because now I have 2 clowns around the house.  But it is so much fun, we are laughing all the time.  I remember when Adam was younger and would come over to our home, Stephen would sit and stare at him as he would make the rest of us laugh.  I know Stephen idolized Adam for his fun spirit and sense of humor.  It is interesting how boys have such an influence on eachother.  Anyway, so now the boys are all busy getting ready for school, work and fall sports.

Michael came home wanting to play rugby.  He got to play alot while in Australia on his p-days.  So, when he registered at UVU he asked about their team.  Well, they told him they didnt have a team.  But, fortunately I ran into a man at Costco with a BYU rugby shirt on and found out that they do have a team at UVU but it is not a NCAA team, and neither is BYU's rugby team.  Anyway, long story short, they are both club teams and they play eachother every year.  So, Michael started practicing with the UVU team last week.  He loves it and is so excited to be playing again.  It is kicking his butt though :)

Stephen is back on the football team gearing up for the fall season.  His doctor told him in 2 weeks he could be back on the field.  He is also taking drivers ed right now.  He is gone pretty much all day with drivers ed and 2 a days at football.  It is kicking his butt and that is a good thing....he thrives that way.

Bryce has decided to take a break from dancing this fall since he is playing football again.  He will get back to it in the winter and spring.  So, every night all the boys are at their practices and we have a bit of peace and quiet around here.  I love that they are all engaged in good works and stretching their bodies.

We've been having some great scripture study sessions at night since Michael has been home.  It's been a  pleasure to have 2 return missionaries in our home.

Mike is busy, busy, busy!  He has actually lost a lot of weight this summer.  Which is NOT a good thing.  He does not have much to lose.  But between the job and the house, he is just crazy busy.  So, between sports and trying to keep the weight on him..... the following is what we try to keep on hand in our home.

Food staple #1in our home.....ICE CREAM
Food staple #2 in our home.....PROTIEN POWDER
Food staple #3 in our home ....... CHOCOLATE SYRUP

As for yours truly, well, as soon as I can get a moment free.... I will be job hunting again!  So, back to the drawing board!   It's a good life!