Friday, April 12, 2013

Life is about the get crazy!

So, 14 days until Michael and Megan get married.  I am so happy and pleased with the choice Michael has made to marry someone who is grounded, beautiful, strong in the gospel and a return missionary.  She has certainly set the pace for the other boys to marry equally as well.  However, Life is about to get crazy!

We will be leaving for Arizona on April 24th.  We arrive on a Thursday night and will be staying in Mesa near the temple that night.  The sealing is at 3:00 pm the following day.  I am pleased that some of our close friends and family are actually going to make the trip out there to attend the sealing.  After the sealing we will all be heading over to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  It should be pretty good.  Mike and I plan to say a few words at the dinner and then let the Best Man and Maid of Honor do a toast.
We will stay that night in Mesa again for the night.  The next day we will travel to Tucson where Megan's family lives and where the reception will be held.  We will help her family get things ready for the evening and we will attend the reception from 6:30-9:00 that night.  After which we will spend the night in Tucson that night.  The next morning we will get up bright and early to head back for home.

The following weekend, May 4th, we will hold another wedding reception in their honor here in Springville.  So, I have been busy at work getting things ready for it!  I've been lucky to have one of my close friends and my sister help me plan it.  I'm excited to see it all finished.

About 3 weeks later Stephen will graduate from High School.  So, that is my next goal.  I've got to get pictures of him taken for both graduation and mission.  And send out his graduation announcements.
May 24th he will graduate.  Wow, another one!

Then it's mission prep time.  From that day forward we will be shopping and preparing for Stephen to enter the MTC on June 26th.

And that is it!  All this craziness will end on June 26th and we will have one married son, one missionary son and one son at home.  Life is going to drastically change around here.

So here goes!