Sunday, April 8, 2012

Still growing up

I remember going to a fireside years ago while in my young single adult life and hearing a speaker say that the one thing we do best as human beings is "change".  That has always stayed with me and I have pondered that statement many times.  Lately I have felt myself changing again, inside.  Frankly sometimes I feel silly when I finally get something new, something that it seems everyone else got a long time ago.  It seems that even after 48 soon to be 49 years of life there is still much I have to learn in my life.  So, today I am grateful for the chance to ever be learning new things.  Things about myself, about life and about what is important.  After all I guess I am still growing up. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's all worth it

Okay, so it seems that all I do is work, work, work!  When you spend 36-40 hours a week at a job, then you go home and clean your house, cook, do laundry and tend to the needs of your family, well, it doesn't give you much time left for anything else.  So, today I am feeling sorry for  myself that I dont get to do more of the things that I would really like to do.  Like blogging for instance.  I miss keeping up on all the many happenings in my life. 

I realize that I need to pick and choose what is best for me and prioritize my time.  But, sometimes I wish I could have more hours in a day.  Today I'm at work early and I am tired.  We had a good-bye party at our home for Adam (Michael's best friend) last night.  It was a lot of fun.  We had friends, family, games and good food to eat of course.  Adam has been with us for about 8 months now. He is now heading up to Idaho to attend BYU.  He is really excited and we are excited for him.  We will miss his fun dispositon in our home.  I love when all of the boys are home together. It gives me great satisfaction:)  But now Adam is leaving and Michael will soon follow as he heads to Alaska for the summer. 

Even though we continue to struggle with Mike trying to find employment.  Somehow we still feel blessed and lucky.  I am so blessed and so lucky to be able go to a job everyday that I love, where I feel so at home and so appreciated!  The kids seem to be doing well without me around 24/7.  They are old enough now and keeping busy doing good things for the most part.  I do continue to do some prodding and pleading for some of the regular everyday stuff but I guess that is to be expected right? 

Sophia is visitng right now.  She is such a natural part of our family.  The boys love her to death!  She is like the sister they never had, so they are happy to place her in that spot and defend her to the very end in all that she is a does!  She is a sweet addition to our family.  She will always be considered one of us.  We love her like our own.  It doesn't matter how much time we spend away from her, when she is with us, it is like she never left.  We love her dearly and would do anything for her. 

So, such is my life. And most importantly and through it all, is the love of the Lord we all share.  That ,I can say without question.  Yes, the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we share is what keeps us all going.  That burning inside that tells us that in spite of all of this craziness it is still all worth it.