Monday, November 15, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!

Today I feel like celebrating and just having fun!  And here are the reasons why...

1. First of all my husband finally landed a great job!

2.  I accomplished something last week that I didnt think I would be able to do but I did it and I
     am so proud of myself!

3.  I got to visit a young friend last week who lives here in Utah whom I love and havent seen
      in ages and is like daughter and a great friend to me. It was so awesome to be reunited
      with her again!

4.  I am finally getting my hair cut!  After letting it grow out for months I am finally gonna change 
     it and I dont even know how....just gonna let her do it!  Can't wait!

5.  I am signing up to be a Mary Kay consultant today...always wanted to sell Mary Kay...
     love the stuff! 

6.  The holidays are coming and we have lots of fun parties and get togethers planned.

7.  Because of the holidays I get to spend more time with my mom and my sisters and that 
      means a whole lot of fun!
8.  My sweet Sophia is coming for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving with us! Yay! Cant wait to
      spoil her!

9. Just because life is good....(and because I felt like I needed 10!)

10. I just love being a girl....don't you? 


  1. Here, Here for Girls who just wanna have fun..Im right there with you..Love the Holidays and The Joy it brings..Life is good!!

  2. You crack me up. Just reading your post's are fun!! I say "Bring On The Fun"!!!!!!!!!!!!