Monday, November 29, 2010

My Sweet Sophia

Oh Sophia, Sophia!  Well, those of you who know me, know about Sophia!
She is the daughter we never had but always wanted...but then seriously, who wouldn't want this girl?
However, I was the lucky one whom not only she but her mother chose to allow me to be her mentor and her friend, who trusts me to teach her to guide her and to love her.  I am very blessed.
This may sound crazy but I always knew that one day a young girl such as Sophia would come into my life and would be like a daughter to me. 

I met Sophia when she moved into our ward just after I had been called to be the 2nd counselor in the Young Women's program over the Beehives in our ward in Sacramento.  She and I hit it off right away and have been so close ever since.
She usually spent every Sunday in our home and any other time that we could get her with us.  Mike adores her and my boys love her like a sister.  She and Stephen are the same age but seriously act like brother and sister.  In fact they refer to eachother as such and they argue like it too. 

When we announced that we were moving, she and I cried our eyes out!  But she came to be with us just a couple of weeks later and just made her second trip here for Thanksgiving.  Whenever Sophia is with us it is so easy and comfortable that it is just like our daughter is home again.  She is an extremely sweet, loving, helpful and regular girl with a sweet tender spiritual nature that just melts everyone she meets.  Heavenly Father sure made this girl a blessing to so many lives.  It is especially nice for me to have another girl around who only brings the best out in me as a mother.  I finally get to share who I am as a woman with this sweet girl who longs to be taught.  She is like a sponge. So, smart, so eager, so willing to learn and grow.  It doesn't get much better than that now does it?  Funny thing though is that she still calls me Sister Nelson (yw's titles just stick) but she calls Mike "Dad" cute!

This past week just flew by way too fast. There were so many things we still wanted to do, but I guess they will have to wait til next time. 
We did have a great visit to Temple Square for Music and the Spoken Word, shopping, Harry Potter, cooking, singing, and just running around together.  She also got to hang out with Stephen and his friends and I think we probably have a couple of boys who are now in love...or at least their families are in love...I'm sure!

So, now back to my life of Men.  But that's okay, my boys love me and I get to Mommy them to death and then when I see Sophia again...I will share it all with her!

I miss my sweet Sophia!

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  1. a couple of cuties..she is a beautiful girl..ya gotta have a daughter they make life softer..