Friday, November 12, 2010


Had a wonderful time in Ogden on wednesday with my sweet friend Christin speaking at her ward Relief Society meeing.  The topic she gave me was "An Attitude of Gratitude"...My specific topic was "Gratitude even in the face of adversity".  It was basically a summary of my life up til this point and some specific experiences I have had that have blessed my life with the ability to see and feel gratitude for those things that are the real blessings in life. Anyway, I did it!...I guess you could call it a success...
 I had a great time speaking and an even better time visiting with Christin and her beautiful family!

She has 3 extrememly adorable and fun loving little boys herself and one very cute sweet baby girl!
 Christin is an awesome Mom, just like we all knew she would be.  She is selfless, tender, loving, patient and oh so much fun to be around! I was in heaven with these cute little guys.  I was amazed how they took to me right away. Christin had prepped them on my family, so they knew all about me and my big boys....they were just adorable enough to eat I tell ya!

I just have to show you this.  I saw this hanging up above the door in their dinning room.  I thought it was a little strange to see all of these shotgun shells framed and I didnt remember either of them having anything to do with shooting or guns or anything and the closer I looked I noticed that it said "Choose the right".  So, I finally mentioned to Christin that I had just noticed what it said and she said,"do you know what that is"...of couse I said, "no" and she said , "those are all the guys I dated with their signatures on each one of those shells.  When my dates would come pick me up, my dad would tell them to take good care of me and  have them sign their name to a shell, just in case they didn't"!     I thought that was hilarious!  So, I had to get a picture of it! Of course Simon's is the one above and in the center.
Christin sure chose the right one!
What I have always loved most about Christin, which still holds true today,
is her Eternal perspective on life.
She has always and still does Inspire me!
See this cute family here?  Now this is my idea of Success!


  1. I love the bullet sign. Amber has her first date tonight. Maurice is a hunter so we have plenty of bullets...better get one out.

  2. I would if I had a daughter...I think it is a great idea and makes for a fun wedding gift! Good luck to your daughter and you:)