Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for Inspiration

Today I am thankful for Inspiration.  I woke up the other morning with a strong impression that I would be recieiving a certain calling in my future.  I wasnt sure how near or far.  So, I told Mike about it and then let it go.  Mike and I have been working on the Activities Committee and I guess that calling is being disolved.  I have also been working as the Acitivity Days assistant and I have really loved being with the girls.  They are so fun and cute.  But yesterday Mike and I were called into the Bishops office and I was extended that certain calling that I had felt impressed about earlier in the week.  Mike and I just looked at eachother and Mike said, "yep, I guess you were inspired".  So, I am grateful for inspiration because knowing that this was coming helps me feel at ease about it.  I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows what we need and helps us to know when we are in the right place doing the right things because heaven's knows I need him on my side as much as possible in my life. 

Inspiration is one of the Lord's tender mercies in our lives and I am so thankful for so many tender mercies that he has blessed me with in the last couple of years.  And I know so much of it has come because of Michael's service in the mission field.  We have been so greatly blessed while Michael has been serving.  And not in the ways that we thought we would have been, but in the ways we have needed to be.  Isnt that the way is usually goes?


  1. I think that is awesome Lisa...I know that this calling requires you to be close to Heavenly Father and his inspiration. It is the only way you can serve effectively. As I look over all of your service in His church I know the Lord has prepared you for each service. It has been a testimony building experience for me to have witnessed it. This is just another experience of that. I am thankful for friends such as yourself who submit themselves to the Lord and His Will. You are a great example to me! I love you and know that the sisters who you will serve in this calling will feel the genuine unconditional love you will have for them.

  2. Well, I am excited for you and can't wait to hear what your new calling is. Whatever it is I know you will be great!!

  3. So grateful for tender mercies..Whatever your new calling is Im sure you will be wonderful..Good things are coming your way :) Blessings come after the trails..and your right, its always what we need to learn and grow for what we might need later..