Monday, February 7, 2011

Beware the "Wink"

Okay, so when I was a little girl my Mom would wink at me to let me know that I was on the right track and I remember how that always made me feel so good.  Then when Mike and I got married he would wink at me every once in a while and I just didnt know how to react when he did this.  It made me feel like a shy little girl again.  So, every once in a while he'll wink at me and I am speechless and he knows it.  It is one of the only times he can catch me speechless.  I usually come up with some smart-alek remark when he flirts with me , but when he winks at me...I have to be honest, I melt.

Well, Stephen has started this winking thing at home with me.  Stephen is a big flirt and  quite a tease so he gets away with all kinds of stuff.  I can just imagine him at school with the girls, he probably goes around winking at them, just to get them to blush.  But he probably really just does it to get them to look at him...such a flirt! 

So, on Sunday both Bryce and Stephen were passing the Sacrament and Stephen just happened to be coming down the aisle where we were sitting.  So, as he is coming down the aisle he looks at me and he winks!  I almost laughed outloud!  He made me blush!  Like I said, when I get winked at I am speechless. 
Beware the "Wink", gets me everytime!


  1. How lucky and blessed you are to be surrounded by such sweet men!!

    Love ya ;)

  2. Stephen has winked at me a few times, I thought he did it cause he thought I was cute!