Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let it begin -Julie Yardley

I heard this song again today and I wanted to remember the words.  I especially love the last phrase.  Such a beautiful song!

You might think
That no one's been through
What you're going through

And you might think
That nobody's made
The same mistakes as you

You are feeling
The weight of the world on your shoulders
Turn it over

Just have the courage to take one step
Someone's going to be there to help with the rest
To start is the hardest
But it's something that only you can do
Don't carry the burden as the years go by
You don't need that crushing weight in your life
Have faith to pray
For the strength to finally see this through

There's One who knows you perfectly
He can take the hurt away
The healing starts within- just let Him in
And let it begin

You've tried hard
To hide from the past
And to bury it deep

You're overwhelmed
By all of the things
That you know you should be

Just believe
Mistakes of the past don't define you
They refine you

We are all in this life together.  None of us is perfect.  We all make mistakes. I am so thankful for Atonement of Jesus Christ. Let's be more loving, more understanding, more forgiving, more Christlike.  That is my message for today!

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