Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Then and Now

Yesterday I got a random email from an old flame.  It was nice to hear from him although I realized that I was only 18 when I dated him(wait a minute, on second thought I must have been 19 or 20, see how old I am?)  I can not beleive it has been that long ago.  Who was I back then?  Who was he?

It is interesting to me to look back on past loves now that I am the ripe old age of 47.  I often think to myself, "why dont I remember the realtionship I had with that person"?  I feel badly that I dont.  Was it because I was just too young and into myself to remember anyone else or was it because it was just so long ago and I have changed so much that I just can no longer relate?  Just an intersting question.  However, there are a few that although I was very young I will never forget because of the impression they had on this very vulnerable young girl.  Anyway, all I can remember about this young man is that he was cute and fun...knowing me at that age,that is probably all that mattered to me anyway:) 

Then as I think about my Love now, my sweet Valentine, I think, "wow, did I get lucky or what"?  All I can say is that I am sure happy that time has passed and that I let my Father in Heaven lead me to my Valentine instead of falling for what I thought I wanted and needed when I was too young and too immature to really know. 
Thank goodness there is someone who knows me better than I know myself.

Love back then was fun while it lasted.
Love Now will last Forever!


  1. I've always told my girls, who you pick to love will change with age..there is young love and there is forever love..there's a big difference :) age does give us some wisdom..

  2. Like Willie Nelson Sang... to all the "men" I loved before" Someitmes I look back and think to myself "What was I thinking! So glad we end up with the perfect men in our lives after all is said and done! Mike is just a great guy and perfect for you!