Saturday, February 12, 2011

What is Happiness...

So, what is happiness?  Well, here are some of the things that make me happy these days!

Happiness is waking up every morning to see the beautiful mountains outside my windows.
Happiness is going to the temple and sitting by a cute little old lady and having her squeeze my hand and wink at me every once in a while.
Happiness is joking with the check out clerk at Walmart...and making him smile!
Happiness is getting my shopping done in less than an hour and just in time to drop Bryce off at his basketball game!
Happiness is having the house to myself on a Saturday afternoon, just for an hour.
Happiness is watching endless episodes of "24" with my kids..for weeks on end.
Happiness is looking outside my window and seeing "My Man" on top of the roof of the house we are building next door.
Happiness is knowing I am loved by 4 very good looking men!
Happiness is being overweight and yet happier than I was when I was 20 or 30 pounds lighter!
Happiness is knowing that I need to start walking again and being glad that I can!
Happiness is eating a chocolate almond hershey bar and not feeling the least bit guilty.
Happiness is getting up every morning at 6:00 to make "My Man's" lunch just because he hates to do it, having prayer before he leaves for work...and then going back to bed if just for 30 more minutes.
Happiness is knowing that my Missionary son will be home in just 5 short months!
Happiness is being fought over by 2 cute teenage boys.
Happiness is watching my boys become men!
Happiness is knowing that my family can be together forever!

What is happiness to you?


  1. I think happiness is a choice...something I have just recently learned (I hate to admit that at my age). But we wake up every morning with a choice of how we went to greet our day. How we want to view our life, how we want to interact with people we come in contact with through the made a choice to look at all the good things in your life and see them as see the blessings that you have....there are many people with those same blessing but they see them as a husband too lazy to make his own lunch,having to cut their shopping trip short because they have to take their son to a game...etc..etc... so...happiness is a choice to look at all we have good and sometimes not so good and see the hidden blessings. I am happy I FINALLY see that now...LOL

  2. Thank you Cricket! I could not agree more! Happiness is having a friend like YOU!! have a great day!