Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do I want to hear this?

Do you ever think that you wish that you hadn't heard certain things?  For example something not so nice about someone who you really like?  Or something bad that happens to someone you really love?  Well, I sure have.  Recently I had an experience such as this.  I was having such a good day and feeling so happy and up.  And then it happened.  Why?  Why didnt I just get up and walk away?  I should have.  But I didnt.  I listened and then to make matters worse I opened my mouth.  Well, one thing you need to know about me is that when I feel very strong about something and especially when I feel that someone needs to be defended, I cant shut my mouth.  I have to say something. I know, sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes that is a bad thing.  Not sure which this was.  What makes it harder is when it is with people that you love and you dont want to hurt or offend them, but you also want to defend or protect the person who is being talked about. Now, I am not saying that the things that were said were not true....I really didn't know....they could very well had been, however, why did I need to hear this?  Why?  If I was defending anything, I was defending that person's privacy.  Not to mention that it broke my heart as the spirit with which they were spoken about was not good.  It was not in a spirit of concern...instead it was in a spirit of disgust and blame.  This angered me greatly.  So, what would you do?  Would you say something to these people (who were all people you love) or do you keep your mouth shut and not say a thing?  My Man said I should have just gotten up and walked away, but I thought about that too and thought that would have been too obvious.  I dont know, maybe no words, would have spoken louder?  In stead I said how I felt about what was being shared by telling this group of people that it was "none of  their business" and an uncomfortable silence followed.  Right? or Wrong?  


  1. Oh boy, this is a hard one..I have been in that situation when things go from sharing information to just plain gossip..and it becomes so awkward..If someone is saying things that shouldn't be shared, I do usually say something, just so they know I don't want to talk about it..or I get really quite until they move on to another topic..thats a hard one, but I think you did the right thing..and sometimes doing the right thing is really hard..:o)

  2. My vote is Yes you say thing I think shows your characater is what you stand up for. Most likely if people are talking about someone else infront of you or with you, you can count on them talking about you with someone else as well. Remember sweet Pres. Hinkely..Stand Taller... I think this what he meant. I say... Good for you! Even though at times it can be hard.